adding extra speakers to a van


Torque Junkie
mk II Punto 1.9
my car has 2 door speakers, and i have got a hold of 2 more speakers, my headunit can obvs power 4 speakers as its from car with 4 speakers, but how would i go about wiring the new speakers up?, can i simply wire them to my existing door speakers or wire them to my head unit?
There is a rear speaker output on the head unit so the new speakers would take a feed from that;)
yeah if you look at the wiring at the back of the HU youll have 8 speaker wires. if your lucky they will be marked up for you. if not id advise getting a iso adaptor thats marked and fitting that.
then you can attah the new speaker wires to that
okay had a look adn dont really know where to start lol. as all the connectors are taken up heres a pic.

Sorry to be a pain guys !

ok middle and bottom ones.

one plug will be for power and the other speaker
pics not to clear but there looks to be only 4 pins in the bottom which suggests the power.

look on the wires to the HU
the top one with 8 pins has 4 wires, the bottom one which has 6 pins has 7 wires odly. the bottom looks like the power.
top one could be speakers them. 4 wire for the 2 speakers
sounds like you need an iso adaptor to connect up the other wires easily. you can cut the wires marked + and - for the rear and attached the new speaker wire to them
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