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Audi A4 1.8 petrol
Last Jan i bought a 1997 1.8 A4. Now planning an overland trip with it and need some more horses under the bonnet. I'm not a fan of loud exhausts and my target is more subtle speed. Any suggestions?
Is it the Turbo - if so your answer is a simple remap. If not we'll have to have a think for you - how do you feel about doing an engine swap to the 1.8T?
Its not the turbo unfortunately, I was some cheap and cheerful mods. I'd rather spend them money on my holiday. I was thinking a chip, remap and cold air intake. My cat converter will soon need changing too.
chip and a remap are the same thing, chip is more messy as it involves removing and soldering a new chip in place. remap is done through the diagnosic port.
you might be looking at 15bhp from that. a fuel pressure regulator might also be an idea to give you better thottle response.
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