What mods to do on my Audi 2.0tdi 170bhp?


Jay Mills

Hi All

1st time poster

Hope someone can offer some advice

I own a 2007 Audi A4 2.0TDI 170BHP

2 injectors failed last week, after several calls I found out the parts are only available from Audi at a cost of £530 each Warranty ran out 3 months ago.
So sourced the parts, while fitting them the mechanic dropped a tool bit somewhere in the engine bay...couldn't be found.

After fitting the new injectors and putting the car back together the car was started...He soon found his missing bit as it came flying out my engine block leaving a hole the size of a 1p piece.
The engine has now been completely removed awaiting replacement.
My question is, what mods can I look at doing to increase it's performance while the engine is out.
Any help would be really appreciated
hey and welcome to the site. if its going to be out for a little while look to getting the turbo changed (3.0 tdi audi one is starting to get quite popular) or hybridised.
after this you will need it mapped to get the best out of it.
get any pipework for the intake, turbo, new intercooler, ditch the EGR valve and clean out the intake manifold.
should see a nice little gain from that

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