A washer punctured my tyre


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I've just had a tyre repaired. I noticed it kept going soft which is never a good thing. I couldn't find a thing looking at the tyre on the car.

When the fitters took off the tyre they spotted a washer sticking out. It was actually half of a washer with a sharp edge that had cut right into the tyre, causing the puncture.

I normally find nails and screws every few weeks so it was quite a relief that something else caused a puncture this time!
I actually wondered if I fitted an electromagnet to the front of the car if I would avoid getting any more punctures?
How unlucky are you Obi? :confused: I think it is safe to say that you will not be winning the Lottery any time soon :lol:
I never do it. I consider each week that I've saved £1.50 or whatever it is.

I am actually quite unlucky really. If it can go wrong it usually does!
.V( :eek: :rofl:

But what a wonderful singing voice he has in real life much like Jim Neighbors who played Gomer Pyle and the actor that played Crazy Googenheim in TV series called The Honeymooners.
Here is Gomer singing

Nothing wrong with my long term memory ;)

Sorry for wandering off thread topic .V(
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