A quite quick estate car

now with pics a quite quick estate car

Just registered so a few details of my car which I think qualifies as unusual

Car is a Nissan Stagea - basically a skyline estate. Most have the single turbo RB25 engine with auto box and are quite rare.

This however one is one of the even rarer cars with 4wd and the twin turbo GTR engine and manual gearbox .

Cant post pics yet (under 10 posts) so a brief spec as I dont want to make my first post an essay

Tuned RB26DETT engine dynod at 413 bhp with 340 ftlbs of tourque at 3500 rpm.
Nismo body kit and recaro interior,
Uprated brakes , suspension and steering .etc.
Anyway Im now off to look at the rest of the site.

Now have 10 posts so here are some pics


The rest of the Pics have been moved to the members Gallery.
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Alright mate, welcome to TorqueCars! Gotta admit, it is an unusual car, but the stats look pretty sweet!! Just post some light hearted spam, then we can see some pictures!!
Welcome to TorqueCars sleeper - its nice to have you along. Looking forward to seeing your pics. (Sorry about the 10 post limit!)
That is one nice ride. Is it expensive to run? Whats the best things and worst thing about owning it? What mods are you planning to do? Why did you buy it - is the nearest you could get to a sensible car to keep the other half happy :lol:?
1That is one nice ride.
2Is it expensive to run?
3Whats the best things and worst thing about owning it?
4What Modifications are you planning to do?
5Why did you buy it -
6is the nearest you could get to a sensible car to keep the other half happy ?

1 ty
2 yes
3 best is scaring porsche caymen drivers .............. :shock: (WTFWT) :shock:
worst is probably 2
4 see spec list
5 I import stageas so had to have a rb 26 one as its such a good sleeper
6 its almost sensible ! :lol: but I have a sensible slk ( only has a few brabus bits)
Engine - Rebuilt R32GTR rb26 twin turbo has twin apexi power induction with apexi elbows ; HKS EVC5 electronic boost control (max 1 bar)
Has Greddy iridium racing plugs , splitfire coilpacks , Full earthing kit ,
Has uprated Nismo clutch and 5 sp manual GTR gearbox.
Its has the ATTESSA AWD system ( same as a GTR)
Cooling - front mounted HKS intercooler with hardpipes , HKS aluminium alloy radiator , Front mounted HKS oil cooler (thermostatically controlled)
Engine management - Apexi Power FC mapped by Rob at Perfect Touch (the guy that mapped the lemon if that means anything) Has Apexi el 2 White electronoic gauges with warning and 30 sec playback ( Boost ,fuel p oil temp ,EXT)
Exhaust - twin HKS downpipes 3" decat and 80mm custom stainless rear box :twisted: - its loud
Brakes are Brembos and vented discs from 2001 R34 GTR v spec ( and hubs) with Nismo braided hoses . Wheels are AVS model 7 with F1s .
Handling- Lowered with adjustable Bistein monotube Suspension with Whiteline springs , Also has uprated adjustable anti roll bars (whiteline) and cusco rear adjustable camber arm.
Arrived from Japan with a custom sound system which is amazing when parked but little use when the revs are below 4k rpm ( or above for that matter )
The complete bodykit is genuine Nismo with series 2 crystal lights. Interior is chacoal/seude recaros with interior retrimmed to match.
The engine is pretty much sorted to a level that means any more power will cost lots of ££££s and might stress the internals.
So for the time being no more Modifications
Nice spec. Seems to be pretty sensibly modded to me (in the sense that any more would blow the thing up!). Have you ever done a quarter mile run in it?

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