530i M54B30 engine teardown.


BMW E39 530i M54B30
Hi All, Have started stripping down the engine from a BMW 530i which I acquired from one of my customers. What a mess. It would still start with no issue and idle but with a massive banging noise coming from it. I now have all but the head off (hopefully today)and camshafts out. And what do I find- an engine that i don't think has had an oil change since it rolled off the showroom floor. Broken exhaust cam, no 3 cam bearing journal looks like it had the cam nearly welded itself to it before it broke. Cam guides broken as well. So a "project" in the making as I look at it. total rebuild with all the good stuff inside. I would like to hear from anyone who has built one of these engines with and kept it N/A. how much HP and Torque you achieved, type of head work, cam sizes, stroker kit etc. I like turbos etc but for 1st time registration over here it is a lot easier to get it passed if all looks basically factory. Also some contacts to get good bits would also help.
Looking forward to hearing from someone soon.
Hello and welcome to a fellow Aussie that has found a great friendly and informative site that is being constantly being improved and upgraded by Waynne |B

I'm sure like me that we can't understand people that buy cars of all makes and prices that simply fail to carry out basic maintenance and end up hand grenading an engine

Fell free to join in to the various conversations and after 10 posts you will be able to post pics of the damage an your work in progress with the rebuild.
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