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nissan 200sx s14a
hi guys . i would like to know how i go about putting 2 speakers in my front doors . its a polo mk4 (6n) . so basically i want 2 speakers in the drver side door and 2 in the passenger side door. can i just piggy back off the original wires so they go into a y connector and do it that way or do i need to do it another way.

I guess the logical question is why have 2 sets of speakers instead of just one really good quality speaker? Are you making life hard for yourself here?:)
ditto as above.

you can do it but youll really need to amp up the speakers as i doubt the head unit would like running at lower resistance (2 ohm rather than 4 ohm )
youve also got the weight on the door card - these would need to be strengthened
volume of air behind the doorcard - is there going to be enough to sound good
and the most important - is there room ? remember the inside of your doors hold the catch, windows motors/ hand winders and the window when its down.

the only viable option is to build your door card up and fit them where your pocket is , then you might have clearance issues with the seat.
You don't need 2 speakers in the doors. Go out and buy component kit. You'll get door speaker and a tweeter. That setup will sound better than 2 speakers in the door and they'll run off a decent stereo too.
i know but i think it looks quite cool. i just wondered what was . cos i have seen cars with 2 in the front doors and it looks quite cool but as i said just wondered
get yourself a spare set of doorcards if your wanting to have a go mate. scrappy shouldnt charge you much.
some fleece, fibreglass resin and mat off the bay isnt much ether
If your car has HF drivers at the outer edges of the dashboard or in the A pillars then you already have a 2-way system up front at least. Most HF units take very little driving so if they are there then you can get away with single cone mid/bass speakers in the doors.
but how do i wire them . i have an idea of how im going to mount them i just need help with the wiring. do i just y split the original wires.
but how do i wire them . i have an idea of how im going to mount them i just need help with the wiring. do i just y split the original wires.

I'd take a pair of wires to each front door bass unit and let the X-over deal with the treble units.

Do not directly wire to the treble (tweeters) unless there is a means to suppress bass frequencies. They won't stand it - the voice coils will overheat.
what are you on about wiring ?
the component speakers that HDi is on about will have some sort of x-over
one input and 2 outputs -tweeter and main cone

if your own about full range speakers you will need to split the current feed to the original speaker. be warned your headunit might not like it. in tis case they will need to be amped up
If you want two mid range drivers in the front doors then you'll need some decent tweeters to keep up with them. And if it was me doing it I would connect it all via and amp and some decent crossovers.
lol. i have decided to not do this 4 speaker idea cos 1. its annoying me 2. i have to take the standard ones out to wire them up 3. it looks absoloutly s...... cos they arent the same speakers and im not paying £30 for another set of wot ive got. 4. ive looked at it and i just dont like it cos the door cards arent fiberglass. but cheers for all ur replys
2) the standard speakers might be a bit knackered now - and if theres a new CD player in there then the standard speakers wont be as good as they are diesened to work with the OE headunit
4) the doorcards wont be fibreglass to begin with but it isnt hard stuff to work with if you take your time and have some practise 1st
i have changed my head unit and speakers to a kenwood head unit and fli speakers. but i have decided not to do it. maybe at a later day or even a different car. we'll see
Why dont you put a fake one on each door that way you still got the looks and since your not really bother about the sound its all good
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