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Not sure if this post should go here but oh well it wont hurt anyone!

I have just installed a 12" sony Xplod sub with an in phase ipa600 amp with bass box wiring kit and a kenwood head unit not bad for £190
I have spent all day adjusting the gain,low pass filter etc and then come to realise the speakers in the front could not handle what was being thrown at them, the bass was clean and crisp but the front speakers where distorted and sounded crap tbh. So i need some replacements that will fit straight in without me having to cut the door, i have a maximum budget of £40 what can i get for my money or should i save and invest in something of more quality.

Any help would be smashing!
created a new thread for you

would advise in buying quality parts for audio,
does it just sound distored or is it clipping the audio as well?
if its just distored thats not too bad but if its clipping your pushing the internal amp in the head unit too much.

to set up your sub you should have turned the volume on the head unit up until it became distored then turned it down until it was sounding good then adjust the gain on the amp the same way.
Yep done all that but it still sounds distorted i dont think its clipping but they just dont pack the punch i want them too, bass sounds sweet vibrates the car and you get a massage sitting in the back seats but sit in the front and they sound tinny and have no real depth i have adjusted the treble and mid and it just makes things worse. Any advice?

thanks for the relocation ill get the hang of it soon lol :embarrest:
Its a bit dark outside so i will check tommorow, im not fussed if they have ripped because tbh my intention was to ask what new speakers to get preferably coaxial, appreciate the help though!

so any ideas for new speakers that will slip right in place of the factory ones??? (peugeot 206)

you seem to know quite a bit so my expectations are high!!;)
dont know the sizes in the pug shouldnt be hard to measure.
personally id go for componants
some come in 2
the main part will handle your low and mid and then a tweeter that can be placed higher up, eg the A piller. a cross overs included so you have 1 set of inputs (normal speaker connections) and 2 sets of outputs, 2 wires heading to the main and 2 to the tweeter. some setups have an adjustable crossover that allows you to set the tweeters.

i bought a cheapish set off ebay for my prelude. front speakers, after 16years had taken their toll, and split. sounded geat with them

then of course 2 subs were added and 6, yes 3 sets of, 6x9s sounded sweet
These componant speakers- i understand where the main part will go but where could i place the tweeter i know its only small put where could i get a fixing? Or is it one of those things that when i get it i will look at it and think omg im an idiot!:bigsmile:
not really its about an 1"-1 1/2" wide tiny speaker. you can affix them using glues to the door or top of the dash. or if your feeling specially good you could try and fabricate them into the door or the A piller
Thanks mate you've given me a couple of things to think about, ill have a hunt around for some speakers and see how coaxial fairs against componant and how difficult they will be to install.

Cheers for the sound advice!:blink1:
not hard to install, vist a scrappy and get a couple of door cards if you fancy having a practice at fabing them in there, least then if you screw up its on a doner part and not on an actual one that you need

the main advantage that componats give is the bass and mid dont drown out the higher frequancys like co-axalis do as there are apart. really come down to what you want to spend. for a really good system you should look towards using an external amp to power all speakers rather than the internal amp.
shame everything comes down to money isnt it,
Yep and having to pay for holiday, insurance, MOT, car, mobile and going out its quite hard finding spare cash on an apprentice wage...thank god i dont have a missus yet

back on topic: I would ideally like to get another amp and power them that way but once again money is an issue, i think i will look at some componant speakers as they seem to be the way forward. However the speakers will not be used for bass, i have set my headunit up to remove all bass from the factory 6.5" speakers so drowning out other sounds with bass shoudnt be a problem!
yup ive got the holiday to pay for (£300) car needs serviced (£280) new tyres for my 17" wheels ( ~£450 ) mots due in may insurance in June and im wanting it remapped this year as getting too used to the power.
ICE wise i still need to get a mini key board for the carputer, buying a set of 6x9s off another member on here until i can get a enclosurse fiberglassed for my boot (use it alot so dont want huge systems like ive had in the past)

bass isnt really heard anyway its too low a frequancy for the ears to hear its felt, once you upgrade then put some low frequancy back through them so the speakers are getting a full mix
In my opinion you should just upgrade with coaxial speakers. Because if you put component speakers in the tweeters will drown out your bass. I did this with 1 12inch sub and the tweeters drown out the bass so I was forced to upgrade to 2 12inch subs. Source a decent set of coaxials. Infinity do good 6.5 inch speakers as do JBL.
TN what were you powering the tweeters with ? mines only ran smething like 16Khz + made the voice more clear but didnt drown out any bass

Mate they ran off a 50 watt Sony stereo. And honestly they were that good they drowned out the 12 inch sub. They are really crisp and you can here every sound but they just took over the bass.
WOW looks like im not the only one who has money concerns lol. Dont forget your mortgage aswell haha.

thanks for the advice tn not sure how tweeters would drown out bass but i will trust you, you probably have more knowledge than me. Any specific 6.5" coaxials i should look into purchasing as stated above its a peugeot 206 and i would rather them be direct replacements.

Thanks for the speedy replies and cracking advice!!
christ i wished mine had been that good. mines were just run off the 52w alpine headunit, direct replacement for the standard ones, with then at the top of the door
googled and it shows 206 front door as being 16.5 cm and 13 cm in the rear. so 6.5" will fit.
depends on what brand you go for some show in cm some in inches
I have tried some of my mates old speakers in and they fitted fine 6.5" but they where £20 quids worth new i think they where alpine. The only thing i am worried about is depth will higher quality speakers be thicker?

Cheers tn i think i will go with alpine but might opt for a higher quality nearer the £40-£50 mark
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the magnet might be bigger, but unless its huge (which it wont be unless your looking at 1000w speaker :lol:) it shouldnt interfer with the windows if thats your worries
Lol i just took a torch down to my car quickly popped the face off and boom lots of room for speakers lol

that would be funny though trying to wind the window down and it only goes down a few inches haha:)
They are a good bit of kit i agree with your there but they are stretching my budget and also after reading the spec, they add bass to your system, well i have enough bass i need more mids and highs so need something more tailored to that.

cracking shout though, and for the money they look a tidy set but not really what im looking for.
They look the part, im just not confident in installling componants just yet, not sure where i could put the tweeter without having to take the door off and it will get messy i know it will. would you recommend alpine coaxials of the same price bracket?
They look the part, im just not confident in installling componants just yet, not sure where i could put the tweeter without having to take the door off and it will get messy i know it will. would you recommend alpine coaxials of the same price bracket?

Yes I would mate. It's not hard at all to install the tweeters. They come with 3 different mounting brackets so you have a choice where to put them. I put mine in the plastic bit where the mirrors are. It was just a case of screwing the pod to the plastic trim then drilling a hole for the wires to go through and then put it all together feed the wires etc etc...
It really is a simple job to do buddy. Here's where I mounted mine.


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They look nice! Do i have to get the cables from there back down to the woofer? i take it the speakers come with all the necessary adaptors!

I have to admit i thought the tweeters went in the door somewhere lol they do look nice sat up by the dash though!:D
If you put the tweeters where I have done you just feed the wires down to the speaker in the door while you have the door card off. They just plug into original wiring. Yes everything comes with the speakers buddy.
If you put the tweeters where I have done you just feed the wires down to the speaker in the door while you have the door card off. They just plug into original wiring. Yes everything comes with the speakers buddy.

Never done that before!!!Whats the door card?
the only thing i got off is the panal that covers the speakers it just pops off with a screwdriver!!!
yes just to clarify i have only hard the speaker grill removed, not all the plastic on the door! Does this make a difference when installing the componant speakers?
Fusion, vibe, jbl, infinity etc etc all make quality kit so youve got a wide choice especially price range wise, pop into halfords if you have nearby as they usually have a wall set up so you can hear all the speakers playing and compare them. Spend a good amount of time listening to different songs so you can get nearer to your listening preference.

As for where to put tweeters i like them in the door aimed at my ears but they work very well on the dash as well.
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Yea taking all the door trim off will deffinatley be a bit of a pain.
oh well might try it when i get in from work tonight and see how it goes!
cheers for the tip miniman but have you seen halfords prices lately? they always seem to be double everywhere else!Or do you mean listen to them there and buy elsewhere?
Ohh yes.
nothing wrong with going in for a listen and some advise ( if you can find someone in there that has some knowlage ) then saying your go away and think about it as dont get paid for a couple of weeks then buy elsewhere
door cards are usually held on by around a half a dozen screws and some clips. you dont already have 1 buy a haynes manual they can be a god send when your trying to do something

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