206 2.0 tuning tips wanted


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Peugeot 206 2.0 hdi
Can any one help me whit a Peugeot 206 2.0l 90bhp
I want to get some tuning for it but I also don't want to kill the engine any advice will be great.
Many thanks
Also I want a cold air intake will that make a difference for the bhp
I've moved this to your own thread so you'll get more answers and to keep the other one on topic.

A cold air intake will not add power to the 90bhp model. It will sound nicer.

Suspension mods would be my recommendation and you'll have more fun driving the car, the lift of oversteer is a sheer delight on the 206's.

Fast road cams are the best mod for your car. The current intake and exhaust flow enough air/gas to cope with double the stock power easily so there is little to be gained by increasing it further.
No it is 206 hdi 2.0 90bhp
What should I do fits any recommendations will be great
Many thanks
Also is their a turbo on this model as I had 1.4 and I have seen the turbo but I can't see it on this one
Any idea
If they do a higher power version of the engine look for differences in the intake and exhaust manifolds.
Has it got an electronic or mechanical fuel pump? (pretty sure the HDi is a diseasel engine).
make it breath better, better flowing exhaust/inlet (off the shelf cold air feed ebay special won't help) the cheap tuning "piggy backs" don't usually help either, they normally just force the car to run rich by fooling the ECU's temp readings.

As mentioned, better suspension and brakes will massively improve the feel of the car.
Thanks so much to everyone now I am trying to get intake form the gti 206 and the exhaust.
About subspentions I have no idea what should I get as at the momen when I drive over 110 in or 70mph the steering wheel starts to shake I believe that is because my tyres are not balanced.
Any idea for a good pair for subspentions will be great
And it this version 206 2.0 hdi 90bhp a turbo or non turbo.
Thank you so much again
Yes get the wheels balanced and the wobble will go away.

Suspension wise a drop of 40mm will work well, any more and you'll have trouble with ride quality and clearance. Coilovers are preferred on these. Koni, KW Eibach and Spax have some good kits out for these.
All the HDi's are turbos as far as I know. A non turbo diesel is a rare thing nowadays with the emissions regs they have to meet.

It will be mounted on the exhaust manifold near the engine.
I can't see the manifold I think is behind the engine as I have a 1.4 and a 2.0 and I can seee the turbo on the 1.4 but not on the 2.0
Any help with location will be great many thanks.

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