2003 S600 - ABS System Error (Red)


Lancaster, Pennsylvania
2003 Mercedes S600
2003 S600 - ABS System Error (Red)
I am receiving an ABS Drive Carefully message in Red and the car has dropped and is riding on the struts alone.

Today, the garage had a pool of clear(ish) fluid inder the driverside front tire area, likley the pressure fluid for teh ABS.

I am out of warranty and not many mechanics have worked on a V12 Twin Turbo with the ABS and all the electronic goods that come allng with it, so I wanted to get educated so that I can measure the knowledge level of potential mechanics.

Anyone know EXACTLY whats wrong?

Thank you,
Has the suspension fluid leaked out of the dampers? Is the fluid level in the ABS really dropping? Check the reservoir.

DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR IF THE FLUID IS LEAKING. You will end up with no brakes at all at some point.

Did you hit a pothole or kerb or something like that?
I am not sure where the reservoir is, can you help me out there? Also, whay would the breaks go out if the ABS red warning light is on?

I did whack a pothole a week or so ago, but this did not start until Thursday. Any idea about what I should know when speaking the the mechanic? I am not going to the dealer becasue I cannot afford it, so the import mechanic is my choice.

Thank you very much for your help, I do appreciate it very much.

xavier is saying dont drive if it is leaking, this is the brake fluid and if its coming out them you will find you have no brakes at all (trust me i suffered a burst brake line not long ago it isnt fun the middle pedal hitting the floor and nothing at all happening).

have a look in your manual you should have the brake/clutch reservoir location in there and check it.

hitting the pothole may have damaged a sensor on the wheel or arch that controls the ABS.

however i think you might need to see the dealer on this one. as said theres not many non MB mechanics that probably get to work on that car.
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