Audio System not Fully Functioning?


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Mercedes E-Class
Hi there guys, im new to the site so im not fully aware of how everything works :).... i have a problem with my E Class W211.... the left side speakers are not working... does anyone have any useful suggestions that could help me solve this problem?

Hi there pgarner, i have checked the settings on the unit to make sure there not balanced to the right speakers, but no im not a very pratical hands on person, how much would a garage charge to check them?.... also, some people have mentioned that you can replace your systems? is this true? surely it would be really expensive?

replacing the head unit itself is easy and depending on what you go for not that expensive. the problem being the likes of Merc would normally have pretty good systems as standard.

i spend a while doing mine in the bora the thread is here

easiest way would be to remove the speakers and test that they are working. not sure how much a garage would charge to check them as each garage is different, i wouldnt use merc however as, at a guess, your talking about £100 an hour
so what different options are there to go for in choosing a head unit?... because im not a big fan of the standard one i have at the moment... and so youve replaced your standard head unit in your car?? was it easy to fit or did a garage install it for you?
standard unit was swapped for an aftermarket one. then this was swapped for a full home built carputer. i did it all myself.

replacing the head unit is in the norm, pretty easy. its a case of finding one you like and a facia if your OEM one is bigger than the norrmal DIN size and replacing. audoleads make looms to convert ISO connectors on normal head units to manufactures connections that dont use the ISO connection
ohh okayy.... most of that is jibrish to me :). do you have any information or sites where i could find new units that your talking about?
thanks for the link, i didnt like the look of them units at all, plus i dont think your getting your moneys worth with the functions they have on the units, do you know of any other sites that do these kind of units??

i only put that up for information how to change etc it was the 1st guide that google came up with

the internets full of audio site ranging from the very basic single din up to complete custom jobs
oh okay, and i know google has all the information i was just wondering if you had better information for me that could help me in the choice im going to make???
sorry mate not really. i went mental a couple of years ago and started looking at building a computer for the car so not really looked at audio.

are you looking for a OEM look setup or something aftermarket
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