1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4/ low idle/stalling cold


1995 cherokee
1995. 5.2 L (green) Jeep Grand Cherokee. The hood has fading from the heat of this large engine. Rebuilt trans. Need info to adjust idle recently tuned. What is the best MPG i can expect. It is full loaded every thing working great. Air needs some work. Love the inside lighting and leather seats.AboutHave not worked with autos in long time. Gave it up when carbs bit the dust. Love working on my Road Runner, and Chevy SS Chevell back in the day. They are days gone bye. Trying to teach my son some things about engines and cars so he doesn't get ripped off. Got good deal on 1995 5.2 L Grand Cherokee 4x4. I love the large engine, the sound, and performance. It is a mover. I think 12.5 mpg may be the best I can hopeful with 170,000 mile on it. This bad boy will give any new SS a good scare!. What can I say old dogs die hard. Please feel free to post any info. THank

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