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Jeep Cherokee 2.8
Hi all, I am new to the site so I am testing your knowledge. In 2007 I purchased a new 2.8 Ltd replacing my 2002 J C Ltd. Since ownership it has two difficult to trace intermitant faults which are:
A groan on the steering when turning left or right usually in low gear and at times, happens when I lift the clutch in first or changing to second as I turn or go around a roundabout. It has nothing to do with the clutch itself. The dealership have greased all moving arms but it still happens. Could it be a power steering bearing ? Has anyone had a similar experience?
The second fault is a loss of power resulting in the engine stopping. After a few minutes turn the key and it fires up and away. It has done this about half a dozen times with long gaps of no problems. Sometimes it has happened within 5 mins of driving from cold. Its as if it is starved of fuel the engine looses torque with no revs even with the foot on the accelerator and eventually dies. Switch the ignition off and restart does not work but leave it for a few minutes and its fine. Dealers answer was to reprogramme the car but it has happened again. Fortunately I still have a manufacturers warranty. I had a balljoint collapse with my first Jeep.
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Does the steering groan if the front is jacked up? It might be suspension related.

The second problem could be down to a faulty knock sensor. Is it running rich or lean perhaps?

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