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1.3 lancer gearbox swap

Discussion in 'Lancer EVO forums' started by jools, 9 September 2010.

  1. jools

    jools Newbie

    Im planning to convert my girlfriends 1998 lancer 1.3 auto to manual. Im thinking of using a colt gearbox? Has anyone doen this before or can anyone shed any light onto a gearbox which will do the job? Also whatelse would i need to carry out the conversion? All replys and suggestions greatfully recieved. Jools:p
  2. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Deal, Kent UK
    A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
    Hi Jools, I'm very interested in any info you turn up on this. I know nothing about Mitusbishi gearboxes sadly :(

    A lot depends on how much the ECU interfaces with the gearbox. I'm guessing not much.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    The safest will be a 1.3 Lancer manual gearbox. Gearboxes like engines have codes and I wouldn't be surprised if the gearboxes were used in multiple Mitsubishi models.
  3. dog283

    dog283 Newbie

    Alabang, Philippines
    A72D Mitsu Lancer
    Hi there!

    Is this Lancer 1.3 a 4G13?

    If yes, then what you want is technically possible... Here in the Philippines I know of a few 4G15's (1.5L but is pretty much the same as the 1.3) that were converted to automatic using a 4G92 gear box.. As a general rule with swapping around Mitsu gear boxes; about 90% of all 4Gxx will have the same bell housing bolt pattern so they can exchange gear box (except for a few 'wide block' 4G5x's)

    That said it's a pretty big conversion aside from the gear box, shifter and console you'll need the radiator that has the cooling provisions for the ATF, the gauges for an automatic car that has the drive indents between the tach and the speedo and of course the 4G92 computer box out of the automatic which will have to be wired to control just the gear box.

    You might find it a more cost effective option to just swap in a whole 4G92 engine and automatic tranny in... Specially if it's possible to buy a surplus front cut where you are so all the parts are there and it's just a matter of transferring.
  4. T9 man

    T9 man TC Pro Founder Moderator

    London, UK
    Saab 9-3SS T9
    Greetings and Welcome! ;)

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