evi 7 engine in a 96 cm5a lancer gsr.


hamilton new zealand
96 cm5a gsr lancer
Hello all im new here and from new zealand and i have a 96 gsr cm5a model (same shape as evo iv) which has a factory 4g93t 1800cc motor in it. I have been wanting to do a 4g63t conversion and have one out of a evo 7 that i have transplanted into the gsr. the 7 loom is really complicated with all the extra gadgets and gizzmos so im tryna do it with the original 4g93t loom, can anyone help me out with getting this baby wired? i have had to extend the alternator wires and a couple others that were short and also changed the injectors to the 4g93 ones so the plugs would fit. theres still heaps of plugs on the block at the back and a few on the intake that i dont know what to do with cause theres no plugs for them on the 4g93 loom any help greatly appreciated guys thanks.

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