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    Magazine My car on front cover and inside. Out 15th this month.
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    Ford Granada 2.3v6

    2.8 for me
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    My car in a magazine.

    For those interested my car will be featured in September issue of Jaguar World Magazine, along with 4 other future classics.
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    My XJR

    No sorry I now jave a Jaguar XJR
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    My XJR

    Nust a little thing. Slightly different colour, but we now have cupholders. Easy job, 20 mins even with my big fingers.
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    My XJR

    Alrrdy had a Stainless Steel Powerflow exhaust on it. Both fuel linrs replaced, full service, rear pads and discs. Mrs C has pinned the toof lining up. Glass from the B pillar back are going to be tinted and the eheels diped the same colour. Not sure what else.
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    My XJR

    The Beast
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    Which sat nav have you got?

    Medion i had went to the great Sat Nav graveyard just stopped working. Bought a Garmin Street Pilot 111, bit bulky but great bit of kit. Now i have a Binatone got it free with az life insurance policy, good bit of kit has speed/traffic light camera alerts seem to update automatically, does the job.
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    Cars You Remember when a Kid

    My dad had one of these as well, the other one i remember was the Chrysler 180 in gold
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    Time of Year

    Took the Volvo for its MOT Monday passed with no advisorys. Last year cost £500 two tyres exhaust so they were wear and tear items anyway Not bad for a car with 132k on it
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    XJR upgrades

    Various Companies will do that Racing Green Paramount All specialise in Jaguar upgrades
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    XJS owners introduce yourself here.

    Funny this thread should come up again. I'm going to have a look at a V12 Convertible at the week end...