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    Modified car pictures

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    Lessons learnt

    Don't buy French :rofl: Upgrade supporting mods when adding more power I. E. Brakes clutch \B Impulse ebay buys are not the best choice after you think about it Under car leds are not cool :rofl:
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    Fast and Furious 7 - your thoughts

    Boring, the attention has gone from cars to action, it's basically a action film with some nice cars, so basically an action film... now initial d that is a good car film
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    Supra Guys lend me your ears!

    I currently own a mk4 supra tt 6 and the clutch needs doing, now I plan on upgrading clutch and flywheel, may as well, however what are the views on single mass flywheels? With it being 6cyl shouldn't prove much problems? But will this cause any problems with crank balancing? I'm thinking of...
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    Non car people (muggles)

    Anybody have a family member who says something along the lines of this when something goes wrong with your car "that's what you get when you buy a 20yrs old car", then you have to explain that age doesn't necessarily cause it to break or need fixing it's just the nature of cars, new or old...
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    Best colour for a car

    Depends on the car, e.g. focus st looks ace in the orange and the rs great in the green, however on other cars can't see it suiting them, personally I've always loved green and orange :) oh and liquid yellow? The Renault colour
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    Hmm sdi are the non turbo variant I think? In this case I doubt a remap would be the best solution as not sure how a non turbo diesel would get much gain, a tdi swap could be a good shout but obviously not if your on a budget, might be wrong about the remap thiugh
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    I best re introduce myself :)

    Will do main things now are an ecu and get the dump valve welded to hard pipe, then map it and should be good for 400bhp, then will go cams hybrids and injectors to push it about 430
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    I best re introduce myself :)

    Hello for those that may remember me and my rover and xsara .V(, it's been a looooong time since I was last one here, had a very busy life ups and downs and kinda got sidetracked away from cars for a bit since I sold my old clio So I'll briefly fill you in split up with ex bought a mk1 cupra r...
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    Road Train..Express

    bet that thing shifts!
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    as requested Lambo pics

    meh just joking :P you are one lucky man!
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    bmw 330 or audi a5 2.0turbo

    right well im gonna upset all you BMW fans, lets face it what would you rather be seen in? as im sure we all know the kind of people that drive BMWs ;) and well audis for that matter i would deffinately get the audi, someone said VAG is dull and boring, well i agree when it come to volks and...
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    Camber Shims - Your Expert Advice

    that was my main concern, also the way they look like they fit so lets say the bolted on and wheel sit like this /---\ then when you turn it 180 \---/ since the bolt on the would run /\/\/\/\ like so :blink: i do know the handling is brilliant as stanard, just wonder what your advice...
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    Camber Shims - Your Expert Advice

    not so much bother about the handling as it is brilliant as cup standard, but i just fancy a bit of a stance, but i think some proper camber kit is needed for that
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    Camber Shims - Your Expert Advice

    well ive never considered adding camber until now and im come across these my only worry is as they are only shims, will this add extra stress onto the bolts? as they will at an angle like so /----\ i am very limited...