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    UK petrol prices set to hit £1.20 per litre

    9p a liter!!! bio-diesel all the way >.<
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    Wheel changes - how many

    hate that tyre repair stuff, it works well...just a bitch if u need to get anything repaired on it again.
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    Wheel changes - how many

    oach painfull
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    Muttering whilst driving

    **** ***** ******* ***** ***** ** ****** LOOK INTO A LANE BEFORE YOU BLINDLY MOVE INTO IT!!! ****** **** ******* ******** ****** also saying "Comitet" at yellow lights :P
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    New forum for DIY tips

    will take lots and lots :)
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    New forum for DIY tips

    will do it this weekend if i can then :D
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    New forum for DIY tips

    changing the shoes and wheel cylinders in mine this weekend, then gonna flush the coolent. want me to do a guide?
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    Your worst driving habit

    broadsideing my work lorry in the snow.... and getting at traffic lights on hills and telling people they are to close.... <.< >.>
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    Most pain from a stationary car

    ...where to start.... *looks at hands*.... atm got thos cuts... a common thing for me is smashing my head on axles as im walking under it
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    Wheel changes - how many

    only had to do it once, on the work van when we had a blow out on the chance of pumping that up....
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    Oil top up improved mpg

    if you gonna take it out, mite as well replace it.
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    Check your lights

    and the time of year, getting a lot condensation in the lenses atm, im seeing a lot of lights out on small new cars with enclosed light clusters. what i do agree pug lamps are a bitch :P tbf most car lights are now days :P
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    Oil top up improved mpg

    it is amazing how much a bit of oil can do :)
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    Torsion beams and anti roll bars

    yeh, the air is just a spring, so without a damper will just sit there and oscillate what wouldn't be fun :P