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    Audi TT with mods... Your opinion?

    Ya know what they say....? "Lots of money.....NO BRAINS !!! K.
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    Mk 2 3.2 quattro owner...

    IF Sold.....S-5 for me !!! Ken
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    Mk 2 3.2 quattro owner...

    To be honest has been sitting up on "jack-stands" in heated storage for 2 years now....because I have all along been wanting to sell it.. It is a PERFECT even want to get "bug guts"on the rad !! The corrupt bandits in this country, will want me to cough up about...
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    3.2 Mk2 Quattro....a forgotten performer ??

    Well......thanks for the input guys ! I forgot to mention....I dumped the "stock"motor mounts for a set of Eurathane ones with the brackets CNCed out of T-6 aluminum....from VF Engineering in the time I got them to me( they were nice enough to send them to me...
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    Mk 2 3.2 quattro owner...

    If you can find one of I have in Pearl Black with Beige Leather interior....that is someones BABY for sale....GRAB it !! Check out my 3.2 Quattro "thread"on "forgotten performer". A car with GREAT potential ! STAY AWAY from any MK 1s...they are JUNK ! You can buy the used ones for...
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    3.2 Mk2 Quattro....a forgotten performer ??

    I really would like to hear from other 3.2 owners On this subject... I am a Canadian living in Europe since 89 Been a professional Hot Rod builder, fabricator, and engine builder. Started getting my hands into Audis 10yrs ago....for a change of pace. A few years ago, bought a mint 2007 TT 3.2...
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    Nitros ?

    Be sure....IF you think Nitros is some kind of "Magic"....think again 1 There is so many PROPER things mechanically that should be done first.... My 40+ years as an engine builder ....I have learned a trick....or2. The big thing with Nitros ...among others is the Camshaft You Need one with a...
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    Audi TT with mods... Your opinion?

    500hp ???....yea....and PIGS can fly too !! There is a sucker born EVERY day !
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    waiting for 2012 TT

    The MORAL of the story ??? DONT buy MK 1s !!!....JUNK ! can buy used for a "song"!!
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    Audi TT

    I have a MK 2 ,3.2 Quattro.....actually for sale ! A TOTALLY mint car....these are a giggle to drive !! Ken
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    Audi A6 2.4 30v > is a Turbo upgrade possible?

    My wife has the same Audi....IF...I was you...I would go with a Super Charger instead ! There is a company in the Netherlands that makes a pretty good package!...3 different "stages". If you want....e-mail me * Removed email address to protect TC member *...and I will look through my files to...
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    Suicide mission???

    Hey Fellow members out there....I am a Canadian living in Riga, Latvia. How I ended up here?....dont ask....long story ! I am a professional hot rod builder for about 40yrs. Been into Euro cars for about 15yrs as well now. I have been an Audi freak the whole time. I have totally restored my...
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    New Member 1

    Hey out there !....just joined this site. I have a question to all you experienced members.... I have an Audi A-6 from 99. The customer wants to "suicide" the 2 rear doors. Can anyone out the recommend WHAT product to buy to do this? ( best one?) Is it somewhat standard to "shave"the handles...