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Riga Latvia
Audi A6 TT Quattro
If you can find one of I have in Pearl Black with Beige Leather interior....that is someones BABY for sale....GRAB it !!
Check out my 3.2 Quattro "thread"on "forgotten performer".
A car with GREAT potential !
STAY AWAY from any MK 1s...they are JUNK !
You can buy the used ones for next to nothing !
Go in web site ...check it out.
I have mine in there for sale too...just put in "Lettland" ( Latvia) as the country...and mine will pop up...the ad IS in English.
The MK 2....GREAT improvements. have more money than god???...then go out and buy one of the new 350hp Turbo "killers"they produce now.
My buddy who is an Audi service manager ..says the are quite SCARY !!
Ken...a Canadian in Riga :amazed:
They are stunning engines. I love them but I could never afford to run one at the moment unfortunately.
To be honest has been sitting up on "jack-stands" in heated storage for 2 years now....because I have all along been wanting to sell it.. It is a PERFECT even want to get "bug guts"on the rad !!
The corrupt bandits in this country, will want me to cough up about 400 pounds in back transport taxes ( included is the MOT) I remember the last time I took it in there.....the guys HARDLY even looked at it....they just stood there and DROOLED !! buddy who was with me couldnt stop laughing !!
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