Suicide mission???


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Hey Fellow members out there....I am a Canadian living in Riga, Latvia.
How I ended up here?....dont ask....long story !
I am a professional hot rod builder for about 40yrs. Been into Euro cars for about 15yrs as well now.
I have been an Audi freak the whole time.
I have totally restored my wifes Audi A-6 from 99...its like a brand new car....never seen a winter....dont even like to get it in the rain !
I also own an Audi TT...3.2 Quattro DSG....Pearl Black...lots of mods...MINT shape !!!...up for sale on website...just look in "Lettland"and my listing will come up...all in English.
My question is....I am considering to "suicide" the rear doors in my wifes A-6.
Anyone out there done the same thing???
Also...there is SO many kits offered out there for such a project.
Which one to buy ?....with instructions??
Would I have to "shave" the handles ?...and use "poppers" to open the rear doors instead??
What about wire loom extensions as well??
ANY help...or advice...GREATLY appreciated !!
Thanks guys !!
Regards...Ken :amuse:
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Ah, great to meet another Audi man. Suicide rears on an A6 would look awesome. They are pretty big & heavy doors so bear this in mind when ordering a kit. Poppers are a must if you shave the handles but why not just relocate the handles to the front edge of the rear doors.

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