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    top end noise

    thanks for your reply, i havnt had the yaw serviced at all since ive had the car and have no service history so id say the oil needs changing and serviced then
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    top end noise

    hi , the tapping just comes and goes on low revs, cant hear it above 3000 revs, no sign of the oil light coming on at all, i think i,ll get oil pressure checked with a gauge just to rule out oil pump
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    top end noise

    my 98 evo 5 130000klm top end has got intermittent tapping noise, sometimes its fine but other times it comes and goes regularly. also my yan control warning light is on and is noisy at the rear right hand side, after stopping and moving off again, has anybody got any ideas ? thanks
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    where can i get my speed converted from kph>mph i live in ireland