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Peugeot 106 1.1
Hi, i have a peugeot 106 (97) , i want to tint the windows as much as legally possible, i have looked around for laws about this but I cannot find.
Can anyone please tell me how much tint is allowed on each window?
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hmmm I cant remember off the top of my head. I think with the Back windows you can tint as much as 100% but the front ones I think you can only tint them 25% and allow 75% sunlight through the windows or the other way around - tint 75% and allow 25% sunlight llf
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75% VLT for the windscreen
70% VLT for the front side
rears N/A

fronts and windscreen are normally tinted to the legal limit from the manufacturer so basically you cant tint the front anymore
Thanks, VLT = light allowed through?
And i have seen same model 106 with the front side windows added tints
VLT visible light transmission (?) but yeah the % is how much light has to pass through.

its light alot of things people still do it but will moan when they are caught or claim ignorance. anywhere that tints window properly will advise you if there is room to tint or not. if not they should refuse to do it
you can have limbo black on the back and rear side windows, on the drivers side you can have dark smoke, tinting on the front window is illegal but a sun strip is aloud
yon the drivers side you can have dark smoke,
what do you class as dark smoke,id say that was 50% which is illegal.

stolen from a 2 second search on google

How dark a car windscreen tint can I have?
There are legal limits specifying how dark tinted windows can be on a vehicle:

behind the B Post (ie rear passenger windows and rear screen) there are no limits
side windows in front of the B Post (ie front passenger windows) must allow 70% of light through
front windscreens must allow 75% of light through
Be careful whether the tint you are considering blocks 70% of light or allows through 70% of light. For front windows the regulations are about the amount of light that is allowed through. Also be aware that if you have a factory tint that blocks 10%, you will only be able to block an additional 20%.

Window tints are not checked on the annual MoT test - the cost of the equipment required at every MoT centre would be excessive. Window and windscreen tints are the responsibility of VOSA. If you are stopped by the police and found to have excessively tinted windows, you will be required to remove the tint. Driving with illegally tinted windows may invalidate your insurance. Limo style all round tints are illegal in the UK.
To be on the safe side,.....Just Tint your Back and rear windows and leave the front ones and windscreen un-tinted. That way you know your Legal and won't have police stopping you.

My Back and rear windows only let through say 20% sunlight
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