Wierd and Wacky mod jobs.

great..good to know that you guys are interested..I will post some pics myself..
in office now..dont have the pics..now..will post soon..
Just go through these pics and comment..You guys may not have seen the original vehicles...Its a Tata Sierra..

1) This one has an exhaust like a tractor. Watch carefully.

Thats really really crazy,,,never seen something like that before...never seen more than two.....can it be called a smoke emitter..;)
I have one word to say BACKPRESSURE!
OK OG I know its 2 words but I typed them together.

:-) You will be giving me a complex and a reputation for being an over-zealous, fanatical, pedantic, TXT generation hating, proper English campaigner................
Those are both the same vehicles....its called the mahindra Scorpio here..it was modified by a person.. i wil post the entire pics and link to view the details when i get home......I would say it was great modification..its really not funny..looks really good...
A twist eh! Thats Totally Toxic - I love it. I hope he's not promoting drink driving!:lol:

lol no. The guy who originally started the build died off cancer. So his best friend took it on to finish it. An the paint sceme was what to honour his friend who passed away. It's a stunning build even the Hi-cas system works on it. An there is only 1 part on that car that is actually a ford original......:D
Its good ain't it. The original bloke who passed away built the space frame chassis himself. He even did all the necesary alignment changes to even make it handle like a skyline... Now thats precision...:D:D
Here are the pics I told you guyss about..

The tyre itself would cost him a fortune.....
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Thats an awesome ride...man..

I think its awesome. It's totally unique. Everything on it has been custom made. There is only 1 part on the car that is from the ford factory. All the running gear is skyline. An was even made to handle like a skyline. It's awesome if you ask me. It was built for sprints an such but it is fully road legal. Funny that cause Guenrsey has a blanket speed limit of 35 everywhere lol :D:D
Yeah...there is an article about this guy online...what motivated him to do this and all that...I will try if I can get this link..
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