Which are the most fun off roaders

ive had a freelander td4 took it offroading at sibbertoft leciester, and a cheeky drive through eastnor estate, was absolutely brilliant only major flaw was the ground clearance due to the independant suspension setup but a 2" lift and bigger tyres and its light weight will take it anywhere,
also had a g-wagen in the family , it was raw and basic but bloody good, proper manual diff locks never broke down
One that you can drive off road and you don't care about the damage?
Motoring journalists often say the Range rover is the best 'off-roader', but
would anyone in there right mind take their OWN £55+ vehicle off road with
all those deep carpets and leather???

Now a LR 90 with decent tyres :)
Sure they would,
Ive seen it happen many a time....and thats what they are built for,
Also land rover claim that the Discovery is the best off roader they do,

The thing is though... they are designed for off roading in thre sence that you wont exeed say 20 mph, if you want to drive like a hooligan then yes...other car are prefferable...anything with a Bowler badge would do it...

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