When did you last check your oil levels


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Just a heads up guys and gals.

CHECK YOUR ENGINE OIL LEVELS. Most friends cars I've checked have been just above the low level on the dipstick and in need of topping up.

One car had oil that was so thick it looked like Molasses - when I asked it hadn't been changed in 4 years but he did top it up regularly and thought that if he'd put 4 litres of fresh oil in over a year that it would be the same as doing an oil change!
Modern cars in the main have become so reliable that so many owners fail to do basic checks like checking engine oil , screen washer ,brake,clutch fluid reservoir levels plus the operation of ALL lights hi,lo beams, fog,tag,park,indicator,hazard,reversing and brake lights and lastly but not least tyre pressures including the SPARE. which I inflate app 10 psi higher as it will slowly lose pressure over time and I can easily lower the PSI IF it is needed as that saves me having to lie on the ground to check it quite as often.

IMO all of the above should be checked at least weekly and one should be able to demonstrate the ability/basic knowledge to be able to carry out all of the above as part of the licence test.

PS with all this climbing on and off my hobby horse I can probably cancel my gym membership :lol:
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Saw a nice Merc the other day, then on closer inspection I spotted 3 illegal tyres, one was showing the wire reinforcement through and had a nasty cut shred on a sidewall, I counted 2 bulbs out and one of the mirrors had been taped back on. I dread to think what the state of the oil, or anything else is for that matter!
I check mine about once a month now, I don't use the car anywhere near as often as I use too.
It is actually going in at the end of next March for an oil/filter change. I usually do this one month before my MOT is due and then again 6 months after that. My turbo really gives the oil a good hiding so better to be safe than sorry.

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