What would put you off owning a Ferrari?

Personally I wouldnt ever own one (note to biagio - actually Ive driven a number of them )

To me its mostly a "look at me" and personally I prefer WTH was that

certainly a lot are total poseurs and coudnt get round a track in even an average time

But to be fair there is another catorgary
Some ferrari owners are real petrolheads and love all cars but can afford to buy a rrari so they do ......... and why not.
They dont look down on other cars and if ever anyone does leave them in the dust they will come and chat when they catch up. Even if its a big green estate .
Mind you the guy in question also has a supercharged atom as well.

So respect the car but not always the driver
I've seen tuned Evo's mock Astons and various other 'Supercars'. I hate the concept of supercars and I hate the people that drive them, not out of jealously, but becuase they all think they own the world becuase they own an expensive car.

I'd rather buy a small hatchback, and supercharge it for £4000 and have much more fun knowing " I made that" and driving it then I'd get out of spending £90,000 on a supercar.
The fact that it is made by Ferrari would put me off buying one.

I hate the Ferrari philosophy with great passion.

At second thoughts: Ferrari hasn't got a philosophy. Unless sreeling ideas and technology is one.
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