water in oil.


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A4 2.8 V6 Quattro
hi guys, my oil level warning light came on the other day so i got some oil and topped it up.as i was doing this i noticed that there was a light brown goo on the oil cap and a bit on the dipstick. this might be a stupid question but im gona ask anyway. is there any way that water could have got into the engine without it being the head gasket?the coolant in the radiator bottle is still as it should be so does that mean its not the head gasket? someone told me at work that there was a fault on one of his mates audis that caused water to get into the oil? any help is much appreciated.
If your car has a seperate oil cooler it may be watercooled in which case if an internal pipe splits it could happen.

You are however more likely to have issues the other wat round - oil in the water but not water in the oil. This is because the oil pressure is greater than the water pressure

This has happened to me (but not on an audi)
I have known something similar to happen with condensation, lots of short journeys on cold engines are the culprits. It can be a sign of the head gasket but are you needing to top up the water levels?

When was the oil last changed? Perhaps it's time to flush it out and put some fresh oil in it.
nah the coolant is fine.the car doesnt really get any long journeys so that could be the problem.only gets the short run to and from work everyday which is only about 6 miles.the car could probably do with a service aswell. checked the oil cap and dipstick again today and no goo, fingers crossed its just a bit of condensation. might change the oil cooler just incase, its only about £50 but if not will probably give it a service next payday anyway as it needs it and am planning on selling it soon.will keep you posted if the problem worsens.cheers for the advice
also, but unrelated to the oil problem, i have noticed that my temp gauge seems to have a mind of its own! the temp rises to the normal 90 and most of the time stays there but at times completely drops to zero and creeps back up then drops again. any ideas why this could be? possibly the temp sensor? or dodgy thermostat?
It happens quite a lot on Audis and is usually the thermostat, this might also stop the car getting up to temp as well so it's worth getting it sorted.

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