VW Cross Touran 1.4 TSI


Cross Touran 1.4TSI
I am new to the forums. I have some issues with VW Cross Touran 1.4 TSI CAVC engine. It is a secondhand car with 160000km on it. I send it for a diagnosis test at a mechanic shop. They inform as below

  1. Pistons replacements (4 pistons replacements)
  2. Turbo leafs inside not good (Whole turbo replacements suggested)
There is oil leaking from the turbo. Therefore I would like to know options or suggestions with regards to the replacements.

Appreciate all the advise and helps
Hello and welcome |B

It seems that there are major problems with your VW that will be expensive to fix so If you can't afford to trade in in to a better car then maybe you can fit a motor from a low mileage written off car of the same make rather than do an expensive rebuild of the existing motor.
I did think of that route but mechanic mention another motor may have the same problems cos unable to view the internals. That is why he suggest to replace new ones. I do agree with his view on that point. So I am thinking am I able to change to a bigger turbo or better turbo and the pistons and continue with it. Mechanics mention pistons spoilt issues on the 1.4 TSI CAVC engine are because the pistons are of lower quality make. But I google and found that fuel use could also be the problem as according to some RON97 is the minimum requirement but the previous owner may be pumping RON95 all this while.

At times like this it is a good opportunity to uprate components and improve things.

BEWARE that this may not be the sum total of all the wear and tear and if the wrong fuel has been used or incorrect oil then you can expect other problems.

Low compression pistons, increasing bore and stroke and altering the turbo profile are all options you can play with here.

Taking it to a 1.5 like VW did on later models makes sense to me and gives more torque and better fuel economy. Make sure the new turbo spools up fast, you want that low end power, big laggy turbos are annoying on these engine so avoid them.
Hi Obi
Thanks for the reply. What is your advise for the replacement pistons and turbo that you recommend. Altering the bore and stroke is not the route I like to go down cos it is still to be used as a daily car. So easy maintenance is still the priority.

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