VW Bora - Custom RE-Map for ASZ and GT2052V


VW Bora PD 130 ASZ
Hi there i am looking for someone who has upgrated the turbocharger for bigger one from VW/Audi group. Issue is pressure regulation....limp mode:blink:

I am looking to fit 2.5 TDI GT2052V on me ASZ to gain better boost,but i don`t know anyone who can do the software map for me.....:confused:
You can get round limp mode with a remap, it changes the ECU safety margins and allows you to use full boost. Where are you based? You need a custom remapper like Celtic tuning to do this on a rolling road for the best results.
actually me car is re-maped , but the software was done with the standard turbocharger GT1749VA. I`m gonna re-clock the GT2052V from 2.5 tdi LT4 to make it fit on exhaust manifold from passat\audi 1.9 tdi (special bracket,custom made + return oil pipe), but the issue is when the turbo goes over 1.5 bar , the ECU gonna switch to LIMP mode....I shut be able to tweak it up to 1.8 bar, with no problems... I`m based in Edinburgh, pls help me out..:blink: Thx.
A remap only takes into account the settings on the car at the time, if any part gets upgraded you should really get a remap again. Who did the original remap for you?

A water injection kit will help prevent knock but I think the issue is with the boost rather than anything else.
Well I got it from one of the guys from the Renault garage. He is into it. But i would not think that he can do custom made re-map. Some guy in England sends him the map over e-mail and he just rewrites you the ecu. You don`t need a re-map if you gonna change the intercooler or nozzles, but you need it for ecu controled valves, for example N75 etc...pressure controled valves, if you changing turbo. On the old once you could adjust acurator rod on the wastgate, but you can`t do it anymore on the newer cars. There is different option and that is Hybrid, but the prices are over 1000 pound! And I got the GT2052V brand new one for 190 pounds, thats is difference. And it`s enough for 220 bhp. Have yous seen the genuine RS4 clutch on SM.Flywheel on the diesel :blink1: 1000$ from US, good stuff. I would say better then S.P.E.C. Who does the nozzles for PD ?
could be that theres two parts to the boost control, most companies only change the one, could be that the new turbos somehow tricking the ECU ito thinking its over this limit
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