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India, Kolkata
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Volkswagen has acquired land in Chakan, Pune for production of hatchbacks like Polo & sedans like Passat. The first car is expected to roll out of the factory in the end of 2011.
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Did you get to drive the 3 cylinder petrol version, a friend who drove one says it has no torque at the lower RPMs and not as refined as it should be for the exhorbitant price charged
have drove the 1.2 petrol and it likes to rev, but like all other 1.2s its pretty much gutless.
do want to try audis new 1.2 turbo (replacement for the 1.6 FSi)
I got to drive the Passat once. It's a 4 cylinder inline one. It has particularly no driving discomfort, but I only drove the manual one...have to drive the automatic too to see if it fits the Indian road conditions...I heard that it has a bit low riding height...

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