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Hi all just wondered if anyone has bought any of vibe's qb69 speakers. I bought a set off ebay. And although they sound good i'm quite dissapointed with them. I've only had them a couple months and the cones on the tweeters have melted. Just wondered if anyone else has had any problems with them.
How loud have you had them ;)

What do you mean the cones have melted? Speakers don't usually get that hot - how much power are you putting through them?
Nearly all of the cones on both tweeters have melted. They are running off a four channel 1100 watts amp. But i have a sub bridged to 2 channels and the 6x9's running off the other 2 channels. They are suppose to be rated at 350 peak and 900 watts rms. I am totally dissapointed with them. The tweeters started going before i had them running off a amp. They still sound great but i was expecting them to be alot louder!
sounds like theyve been over run, might be to do with them being bridged as the resistance is normally halfed ie if they run at 4 (ohms) a channel then bridged it runs at 2 ohms normally, i know i wrecked a set of cheepy speakers in a similer way. gansta or asc might be able to shed more light on why this has happened
It's only the sub that is bridged the 6x9's are running off the other 2 channels seperately. I bought them off ebay i was wondering whether or not they are fake? Like some cheap imatation.????

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