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citi golf- life 16i
Hi guys, I have a citi life 1.6i... 276 degree cam, vernier pulley, uni Q chip,have a 1.4 velocity cylinder head (standard) good exhaust system... Went from 74kw to 91 kw... Is there anything I can do up get it to 100kw?
Hi and welcome.

As the head is standard, a properly done gas flowing of the head and reprofiling of the valves and seats should get you to that fugure.
Og is suggesting gasflowing the head by smoothing the ports out for better gas flow not skimming the head which as you say with a high compression should be avoided

Probably a language thing.
Thank you guys, I feel very welcome here. My compression went up when I changed my heads. My 1.6 head was damaged by the old cam. So when I changed to 1.4 head (only head I could find that's MP9) I noticed I have more compression. I had it done by Autograph racing, and it was comfirmed. The sub is also standard. I was thinking of adding a lil Nos to my fueling system but I'm scared that I'm going to change pistons... Myth or truth?
if you change the haed then that can easily change the C ratio which isnt always for the better .
I dont know these engines in detail but cant imagine a 1.4 head flowing more air than one off a larger 1.6 engine. This would make gas flowing the head a doubly sound idea and is much safer imho than NOS which has to be installed properly.
You could check to see if the size of the ports match up with the old head as again 1.4 ports could well be restrictive.
If they are different matching them should improve the breathing a fair bit.
Thank you, all I want is to give a vtec a hiding... I can also try a 2lt ADY (jap import), put what I have now over... I DON'T want to convert to turbo since it puts me ina different category.

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