Triumph GT6/ TR6


Vacaville, California
1969 Triumph GT6+
Hello,:p torque buffs! I'm new to this forum and noticed nobody talking Triumph. I'm located in northern California south of San Francisco near Sacramento. I'm a retired Air Force Veteran who got bit by the English sports car hobby first as a 18 year young lad who lived at Cape Cod Mass. My first bite was a 70 Triumph GT6+ in 1974. I joined the Air Force and was sent to England when I purchased another 1970 GT6+ in 1978. I owned this daily driver for seven years before selling it. So now I have 10 years ownership and experiance with this unique car. Recently, 2 years ago I spotted a 1969 GT6+ on line and had to purchase it and have been restoring it since. I am not a stickler for keeping it stock as I like to make em go faster with todays updates. I'm also very keen on the Triumph TR6, the Honda S2000, and lastly the Jaguar XKE. Enough about me I am joining to talk to you concerning Triumph Tuning, sports cars, ETC.
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