Thoughts on the Yeti


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What are your thoughts on the New Skoda Yeti?

I really like it and think it is probably the best car Skoda have made yet.
I have to agree with MA on this one. The Yeti is fun and funky but I still can't see the point of it. Perhaps it will grow on me but i've never been a fan of big "off road" rugged styled cars.
Yeti question

Hi Xavia.
I've owned a few Octavia's now and the estate has a huge boot as in my current Vrs. Having looked at the Yeti i think the Oct'y has more luggage capacity and in the 140 bhp Tdi Scout a better all round deal. Even more so if you dont need the ground clearance and go for the standard 4x4 . The yeti is carried on the same platform too. Less aerodynamic as well. Hope this helps.


PS The boot is the same size as normal FWD.
The vehicle comes loaded with features even in the base variant, with features like alloy wheels, hill hold control, ABS, ESP, Dual airbags, active head restraints, and glove box cooling in the base variant.

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