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ive recently been looking at rx7's and if im being honest i think they look amazing. Hoever theres a few things i dont understand.

1. After looking at some adverts on ebay, pistonheads etc some seem to be a 1.3 twin turbo and others a 2.6. Is this just because its a rotary engine so a 1.3 is the same as a 2.6 ? i dont get it.

2. Ive also heard there supposed to be driven hard so the carbon does build up, is this true ?

3. Ive also seen some twin turbos then some a type R twin turbo , any diffrence ?

4. How easy are they to get more power ? ive seen a few videos, one sitting at 500bhp the other 650bhp and they were eating anything that they were up against.

5. Ive seen some going between 3 and 5 k. This seems alot of car for little money, anything i should look out for ?

Thanks for any help :p
Rx7's run a wan kel engine which in the Rx is a twin rotary. So it's 1.3 per rotor. ;)
They are very good cars but they can be very expensive to maintaine.
No. All Rx7's have 1.3L of displacement. Only the R26B, a 4 rotor #!#!#!#!el netting 700bhp in their 787 Le Manns car, made 2.6L of displacement (each rotor makes 656cc). There can be some confusion because of the amount of air a #!#!#!#!el is capable of moving, so for taxing purposes (in Japan, not sure about the UK) they multiply the volume by 1.5 so you would have to pay for a 1.9L motor.

Driving a rotor hard won't keep down carbon build up. In fact, if not well maintained they can be very problematic.

To make an Rx7 with 500+ hp you will be sacrificing streetability, not to mention a complete engine rebuild and a big single turbo setup.

As for what to look out for, I think it is the same with any sports car. Well maintained, well documented and a responsible driver will find you a good car. I am afraid the average "boy racer's" that are attracted to this car usually end up spoiling what is one of the purest sports cars of all time.

Its not uncommon to look at 100 example before finding your car.

Good luck!

Sorry, didn't realize I couldn't write #!#!#!#!el
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