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type r scoob v6
hi folks , after a lot of humming and harring with the wife ,we have now sold her vr6 golf, and am looking at a diesel for her.The only diesel car ive ever owned was a tdi 130 passat on a 51 plate.Wich i found a cracking motor , was fully loaded and thought it a great mile muncher.Im open to any ideas regarding cars out there , as like i say i dont really know that much about them. We will be using the car for the occasional drive abroad , but mostly school runs and shopping and taking the kids out . So must have a decent size boot. Can fit 4 adults in it comfortably. and we have a budget of around 2500 to 3000. any help would be great thanks folks !! cars of intrest to me are passat , audi a4, a6, mondeo ,(but heard a lot of good and bad about them )octavia, but like i say open to ideas ,

thanks for any help cheers
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If you have owned PD130 then only skoda which will make you happy is VRS diesel dunno the prices...

Or another option is Accord 2.2 CDTI which is very good engines and considering your use added advantage is that there is no DPF on it...

I am sure there will be many more recommendations...
Honda's diesel engines are superb from a refinement point of view but I found them to feel a bit spineless compared to VAG's engines.

Are we looking at new or 2nd user?
i have a budget of 3000 pounds cash top line , possibly go a little higher if i really liked the car , it will be a second car so only really doing about 6000 tops per year , just trying to bring costs down tbh , cheaper running costs tax , insurance etc etc
Absolutely spot on that's why I suggested Accord 2.2 diesel without DPF or Octavia VRS Diesel...
Honda's diesel engines are superb from a refinement point of view but I found them to feel a bit spineless compared to VAG's engines.

Are we looking at new or 2nd user?
spot on thanks guys , the accord has given me something different to have a look at , and yes do like the bmw 3 series , think a 5 would be a bit large for the wife , lol . you should see here reverse ,(best not let her read this lol ) thanks for the advice again cheers !!!.
Hi pal like davejam has said the pd 130 skoda superb i curently own one and im a family man they have a big boot pluse lots of room inside they are better spec then the octavia and from own expariance can say they are a cracking car. They are a passat with skoda badges hope this is some help to you.
I've never been a great fan of the four cylinder PD engines - I find them quite coarse compared to common rail diesels. But......they are bloody quick and tune effortlessly to give silly torque outputs.
well , looked at the skoda , good cars but very surprised that they are holding money better than vw passats, the honda,s are a little above my price range , unless i want a real tatty one. am off to test drive a skoda rs fabia ??? . the little one lol , wife really likes them , quite nippy funky interior, and can be had for well within our price range. if not one of them as the only down side is the size , it will be another passat . but probably the 2.5 , any one know of any horror story,s with these cars ??. be looking at around the 52 to 53 plate . did consider the bmw as i like them, 330 sport . but wife hates them big time , and it is her car , so cant really argue tbh . cheers for the advice . will let ya know what i buy.
Skoda vrs good choice just make sure it is not modded one as most VRS are as your insurance Premium might go up...Also check when Cambelt was changed as else @400 quid for cambelt+waterpump

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