sun roof and blower


Spalding, UK
Monterey 3.1td
Hi all again. Any ideas where the problems may be with an inoperative electric sunroof and no fan blower on the 95 Monterey diamond at all please? The fuses inside the vehicle seem ok. Oh, and the drivers side rear door will not operate with the central locking. Anything these ole girls are prone for? Many thanks.:lol::lol:
It sounds electrical to me perhaps you have a bad earth connection somewhere. It's worth checking for voltage at the device end.

Do the relays click when you activate the blower and sunroof?

If the wiring runs under the mat it is worth checking it has not got frayed, this can be quite a common problem on some cars.

It's all part of the fun of car ownership I suppose!;)
my dad had the bighorn same thing and he did not have anything go wrong with that was a very good car

and as waynne said check all your earths as most proplems now are not cos it has no power but cos it has no earth they do seem to rot away quicker
Everything connected to the cars body is basically an earth so check the battery primarily but also at each component and just make sure it has a good clean contact.

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