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Well the remap idea has went out the window for just now. mix of a £300 gas bill, remap being around £400 and an increase to my insurance of around £350. might do it later on in then year.

So looking to get the sub back in the car and keep some space.
so started the day. cut the sub ring out of 18mm plywood and ordered a fiberglass kit from ebay. looked at the subs and picked the better looking of the 2. ( both were the same sony sub just one red and one silver)
and gave it a good clean as been in the dining room while i was redecorating so covered in plaster dust and fiberglass dust.

as the edge was scratched sanded down to look smoother then decided to paint it
masked up 2 coats of primer, 2 satin paint then decided to use gloss so theres 5 coats of that been added. not laquaring it.

anyway some pics

i want to do this in my boot, so pics and a how to would be smashin!! hope it all goes well for you! and i will give it a try after ive done my alloys! shoudl be in the next week, once i can get the F***ERS off
Yeah ill be taking as many pics as i can, try and get a decent guide up for the DIY section.
hopng to get my alloys swapped over to the 17s again as found a small bulge on one of the 16"
It looks massive in that second pic compared to your feet. Im guessing its not actually on the floor though?
So much for starting today.
waited around all day for the fiberglass kit to arrive. so much for next day delivary was dispatched yestartday at 10:06. have emailed looking for a tracking number.
means its going to be wednesday before i can get started on it. if i get a change i might mask up the area with a few layers tomorrow ready to be coated
well the kit arrived not long ago, nice amount of kit in it for what i paid, much more than what comes in the "kits" you get in the motor fators.

thanks to OG for recommeding the supplier on ebay

had to think how to get the 40ltrs required, looks like im going to ave to take 5cm off the width of my boot, that along with the curveature at the top should give me more than enough when its added to the space that the subs sitting in.

means ive got a much bigger area to mask off than i originally thought
Ah well im sure it will look class when its done and i hope your taking lots of pics for a how-to when its done so i can copy and make my boot look beautiful

ok got up this morning around haf 10 only 3 hours kip but i wanted to get this started today.

way down to parents this morning for around 11 and masked up the area


looks good so far, 3 layers of masking tape over everywhere that was going to glassed over and black bags to cover everything else in the boot

Mixed up the resin slightly to a slightly lower mixture than normal as wanted a little extra time for it to set.
got the 1st layer on, "painted" some resin on the masking tape then soaked the cut up CSM in the resin and applied to the masking tape.


got hal the second layer done and went to start on the underside at the top and noticed it hanging down. when the resin startes to cure it heats up and i think it made the masking tape start to come off. cut off the best i could and hoping it turns out not to bad so i can redo it later.
walked back up to the flat, having some lunch the now and will take a wander back down in around an hour to see if its cured properly, if so ill remove it remask using duct tape and get a couple of layers on.

idea is get a couple of layers to give basic strengh, then do another 4-5 in the house before attaching the sub ring in place and the extra air gap at the other side
A little tip if you get to some tight or funny-shaped areas, the fibreglass mat can often be quite thick but you can peel layers off the mat itself to get thinner, more flexible ones. Often makes life a lot easier but you seem to have it down ;)
Thanks for the tip, the stuff i had was 450g so it wasnt so bad. i was dipping the sheets in the resin before putting in place so they were flexible

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