Stock battery leaked acid


Wrench Pro
2019 Ford Fiesta ST
Went to install my Boomba shift adapter and solid bushings, removed the battery and the bottom of the battery box had a 1/4 inch of dried acid in the rear left back corner and less up up to about the half way point. The metal bracket inside the box was covered, found acid on the back of the computer and the bracket that holds the box in place. Found the top of the battery case was not sealed to the case in about a 1.5 inch area on the computer side of the box. Took 2 hours to clean everything and another 2 hours to remove, clean and refinish the metal bracket inside the box.
I replace with a DieHard AGM 95r, cost $219 after core return. Damned expensive but well worth not having to clean and repair acid damage.
What a nightmare, not good to be breathing that stuff in either. It sounds like you avoided any serious damage so good you caught it so quickly.

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