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What do you have in your car? Standard in car entertainment or have you fitted an aftermarket entertainment system?

I always used to fit my own radio and speakers, but the last few cars I've stuck with what is fitted as standard. Does this mean that car entertainment systems are getting better? Mine is fitted with Bose speakers which work quite well.
Car systems have come along way in recent years. I wouldn't say the quality is any better in the components used by manufacturers. The fact that more speakers are used these days is the reason alot of standard systems sound decent.

Bose aren't really anything special these days. They are ok yes, but I feel they have lost what they once had.

For most i'd say it's harder to install aftermarket equipment unless you take it to a garage for them to fit.
New cars aren't easy to strip what with all the electronic this electronic that.

If it was still a case of four or five screws and the door cards are off, i'd imagine there would be more people upgrading the standard equipment.
I'd rip the 'ICE' out of my car if there were a way to disguise its absence. ICE is a distraction to the driver… how on earth can you be fully focused on your driving if your fiddling with a knob, shouting at Nick Ferrari, or singing along to One Direction?
Recent cars have had a decent system so left them alone. The Discovery has a very good one (Harman Kardon) and works very well so no need to interfere with it. It isn't blessed with graphics but then again I am only listening to it. The MG doesn't have one! It's too noisy anyway and I tend to either wear earphones connected to the iphone or just listen to the natural V6 soundtrack.
I'm hoping to get mine finished next month, spent months on it in between shifts when I first bought the car, ripped he interior out and deadened everywhere!! But haven't touched it in ages. The standard systems awful (and I'm one of the lucky ones with the full speaker set up!!) very difficult to upgrade on the 03-06 cars, 07 onwards has a normal double din unit so piece of cake to just swap for a good one and wire up some amps/speakers :(

So far I've deadened all doors with CLD, CCF & MLV. Same as the floor (took AGES!!!!) so just the boot & roof to do. Deadened the rear shelf a lot and it's helped get a nice tight bass from the 6x9 subs.

Single Din Headunits been fitted instead of the old CD player and entire systems been bypassed as its a fibre optic one (cheers SAAB....appreciate it!!!!!!) So will eventually be running an independent 4 way active SQ set up (3 ways up front & the 6x9 subs in the shelf)

Head Unit- Pioneer DEX-P99RS
Speakers- Sinfoni S Series
Subs- Genesis P69
Amps- Mix of old 90's Caliber Evolution, Denon DCA-800 and RF Punch

Wiring- Mix of Knukonceptz & Van-Damn stuff

Deadening- Silent coat

Should sound good when I get round to finishing it!!!! Keep finding excuses not to!
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