ST24 and ST200 Cam Profiles


united Kingdom
Noble M12 GTO
Hi all,

My first post and sorry its a bit technical :)

I have a Noble M12 GTO with the ST24 engine. My heads have been flowed I have a different inlet manifold and the engine is fully forged. I'm currently running 500bhp. I want to improve the airflow some more.

Does anyone know the cam profiles for the ST24 and ST200 as I believe the ST200 would give slightly more inlet lift.

Does anyone also know if the ST200 head flows better than the ST24 head (bearing in mind i have had mine flowed).

I am seriously considering getting some ST200 heads (if they are better) and having them machined to fit ST220 bigger valves. The bigger inlet valves will allow me to get more air in at the same boost and I'm guessing the bigger exhaust vales would probably mean the turbos would spool a little earlier?

Any help would be great.


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