Service Issues - Beware Bexley Audi

I thought it pertinent to post the following to avoid any other people suffering the same issues when I had my Audi serviced at Bexley Audi recently, only to discover the following issues:

Several oily prints on the black metallic paintwork.
Spilled oil in the boot
Scratched/Marked bodywork
Driven at more than twice the speed limit on more than one ocassion
4 miles on the bodycheck sheet, 16 on my tracker logs
Used out of business hours. (started, ran idle)

As a global organisation with “vorsprug durch technik” I thought these issues would be resolved quickly with an email to the Bexely Audi Service Manager (John Lowe), especially as Id been emailed by him requesting feedback on the service.
After explaining the issues to him, and advising I could confirm the speeding, (including driving without being warmed up sufficiently), his response was “I dont know what your problem is”
Further escalation with Bexley Audi proved fruitless and I called Audi UK. 72 hours later, I was still trying to report the issue to Audi UK – who then told me they couldnt do anything because its an independent Audi dealer. That means Audi UK authorised and approved them to sell, maintain and repair vehicles, but Audi UK dont own the garage.
Further escalation to Jeremy Hicks (Audi UK MD) showed signs of promise, with comments like “I assure you that we will do our utmost to restore your faith in us”
A week on, and Im advised that Bexley Audi have complied with Audi UK requirements for servicing my vehicle, and theres nothing more Audi UK can do.
I'll leave you to decide if you think the measures are to Audi UK standards, and if you'd like your car to be treated in this manner when left with the manufacturers agent. I would, however, recommend that you check your dealer is an Audi UK garage (and not an independent) so you get the relevant support should you suffer similar issues.
its a shame when you leave a car with smeone who should be looking after your car. thing is some of us on here would rather use a specialist independent rather than you rip off dealers

Can i just ask, how do you know the car has been driven at twice the speed limit and without being warmed up properly ? other than checking out the odometer for the distance before and after, which i do take a copy off before hand, how else do you read it. i know you can lift the info off the ECU but this just confirms whats already up on the screen.
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Do Audi actually own any garages? It strikes me that they are all franchises run by ameteurs! (Tonbridge Wells Audi were very freindly and helpful when I called them. I was not impressed at all by East Kent Audi though)

2011 Update - (East Kent Audi have dramatically improved and in 2011 I bought a car from them and enjoyed great service.)

I think Audi should spend some time asessing their dealers more closely.
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I have some additional hardware fitted to the car (available as an aftermarket fit) which records the journeys, starts, stops, roads, speeds etc.

I have asked Audi UK for a list of dealers, with details of the authorised independents (ie, Audi approved independents that look and feel like audi main dealers). Im still waiting for their response.
Well...I serviced my car with Bexley Audi as well.
When I saw a bunch of young mechanics behaving like a group of monkeys, I knew it's not a good sign.
Chris, from Service, you will more likely speak to him if you call them, is so 'thick' and unhelpful that he makes you feel like you called a local garage were mechanics sits on the bottoms and keep scratching they bellies.
Also, can't remember this girl name, a bit of extra weight, always wears trousers, blond hair with very dark ends, she is so rude, no manners, and so b****y, when I lost it I just left and never paid the bill and never received it through the post, I said to the Manager that for this sort of treatment they should send me a complementary voucher, took my keys and left.

The receptionists are very polite, but on the end of the day it's not them who fixes your car or deals with your issues.

Avoid Bexley Audi if you can !!!!

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