screech of brakes


Wrench Pro
port elizabeth, south afr
2.0si ford focus 20
I've just fitted new front,rear discs and front,rear disc pads and now when I brake there's this screech of brakes, I took it back they checked and cleaned the dust that was on the discs and pads, it was okay for a day and there's this screech of brakes again and I really hate the noise it's
irritating. I'll be glad to get any info. on how to get rid of the problem.:(
They should bed in but if it doesn't stop after a couple of hundred miles I'd go back. Do a few emergency stops but don't go heating them up too much so space these out.

Were they Ford Pads and disks or replacements from another maker?
they are not Ford pads I think they are Feredo pads FDP in front and FDP1494
pads for the rear discs, I'll also try emergency stops if that's not working I'll
go back. Thank you, Waynne.

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