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hi i have a saxo vtr and looking for ideas to increase he power
would it be better to have induction kit or just go for re-map
Hello and welcome to the nuthouse mate ;)

leave the remap till some other work has been done and get a custom one.

a panel filter or induction kit isnt going to add much, other than noise in the later.
exhaust with sports cat and manifold
cams and gas flowed head. then map it
Hello, I also have a VTR mine is a 1998. I recently purchased mine, and looking forward to getting as much as I can out of it. I was thinking of stripping out the back seats to lose some weight... Maybe more trouble than its worth, but hey at least I will have more room for stuff from the market!
I'm new here
How I' tune engine of my saxo vts 1.6 16v 2001 for best performanse
where is reprograming ECU. Help me!
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