saab 95 saloon 3.0l tid

nottingham england
audi a4 1.8t sport
just been offered one of these very cheap.i know next to nothing about saabs so was wondering if anyone can tell me if the 3.0l turbo diesel is any good.
will a remap etc give good power gains or would i be wasting my time?
Not too many of these about which is why they are cheap. They are a good car but demand love and money!
Must be possible to release those horses shurely?

Not sure how different the engines were mechanically. I know the 3 series 325TD was sans intercooleur and as such was worth 113bhp.

Perhaps that's the fundamental mechanical difference?

These were pre-common rail engines remember so ECU tuning is not going to release that much extra shove.
A remap on the tds released an extra 30 horses according to Celtic.
When browsing flea bay they always advertised the engines that they'd fit, omegas, disco's and beamers, and some rovers iirc. Good solid engines.

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