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Saab 900 Convertibl
Hi all, some advice if i may.:p
I've just bought an old Saab convertible - it's a 1996 Saab 900 2.3 L SE.
All is good, however when I put the roof down, there are two trim pieces missing. If you look into the holes where the trim pieces should be, you can see the roof mechanism - cogs etc. Does anyone know where i can buy these two trims, and what are the trim pieces actually called.

Also, I think i may need to replace the roof's hydraulic fluid, but unsure where the reservoir/s are. Can anyone help please. I'm waiting for a Haynes manual to arrive from Amazon - but that seems to be taking forever.

Cheers, Steve.

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Hi Steve, I have a name and a website for you! the chaps name is Steve Lewis and he specialises in Saab roof repairs and trim supplies, his website is
Steve's telephone numbers are on the website and you will find him a very very helpful chap indeed. Just tell him Dr Reid recommended you and he will look after you! :)
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