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Hi, my first proper thread here, so please bear with me. I am in the process of restoring my Anglia 105E. Can anyone advise if it is possible to convert engine from Galaxy (2.3 auto) to rear wheel drive? Just that my galaxy is dead except for a lovely, smooth engine and gearbox.Need to find answer before carrying out changes to bulkhead etc. Hope someone out there can help. Before i go, would just like to say how informative this forum is and well laid out.....Craig.
It's pretty hard switching a transverse engine to rwd IIRC. It is much much easier to just get another longitudinal engine and gearbox instead. I suppose the 2.3 engine can be mounted longidtudinally but the gearbox would not work, you would need another box to drive the rear wheels, perhaps a MK1 Escort or Sierra gear box would suffice for this (if it fits).
Hi, i thought it might be difficult, just needed a bit of re-assurance, so thanks for your time. Probably better flogging eng & box ,then use funds for easier setup....Craig.
Ah. a fellow nutter :)

Anything can be fitted into anything, if you have the time, facilities, skill and money :)

Fitting a Galaxy engine into a 105E is doable, but you will be on your own as i am not aware of it being done before. Most conversions stick to Ford engines as all the ones that face the right way have the engine mounts in the same place. For example, the Cosworth YB Turbo engine bolts straight in, although the gearbox requires modifications to the tunnel.

A 2litre Pinto from a Sierra will fit and doesn't require an ECU so wiring up is easy and amost triples the power! This could be mounted to the original box but I would not recommend it.

Fitting the Galaxy engine would be a challenge you may fancy undertaking, but I would suggest selling it and using the money to buy something a little easier to fit :)

I have done a fair amount of mods to Anglias over the years and they are great to work on compared to modern stuff.

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