replacing the shocks and springs


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hi i have a 2002 206 gti i need to replace both front shocks and springs i have managed to get hold of 2 reconditioned suspension legs (springs shocks and top mount) can someone send me instrustions on how to take the old ones off and put the new ones on


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peugeot 206 1.4 hdi
hi I've never wrote a guide so here goes jack up the car and support with axle stands. find the anti roll bar link arm and undo and disconnect it at the top where its fastened to the strut and push to one side. Next undo the track rod end nut and split using a suitable splitter and push to one side also. Next undo the pinch nut and bolt securing the bottom ball joint. Using a suitable chisel try to open the the clamp up a little. Next push down on the lower wish bone to free it from the clamp and hub you can place something between the wish bone and sub frame to hold it down out the way a piece of wood or socket etc. Next undo the pinch bolt that holds the hub to the strut. Using a flat screw driver try to pry the clamp open the hub should come off. BE CAREFUL AT THIS POINT as you can pull the drive shaft out of the gearbox loosing oil when its off place it back on the bottom ball joint to keep it in place. Next working from under the bonnet undo 2 of the bolts that holds the strut at the top. Next hold the strut in one hand and undo the last of the three nuts and retrieve the strut as it drops. Hope this helps and you can understand it I've also done them by just undoing the anti roll bar link and the strut pinch bolt but it doesn't always work as you sometimes can't get clearance refitting is reversal of removal
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