R25 vs R200 exhaust manifolds


Wrench Pro
Does anybody know if the R214 exhaust manifold can be a straight replacement for the R25 manifold?
I want to get rid of the R25 pre-cat that is built in to the exhaust by putting in a 200 manifold.
I haven't had the car on the ramp yet and thought I would ask before starting.
I was told by an 'expert' that the pre-cat that is built into the R25 exhaust manifold has an affect on the power by as much as 5bhp.
I doubt you'd notice as much as 5bhp gain. The 214 and 200 1.4 engines and chassis are the same so I would have thought they would fit. See what Moto-build say. I seem to remember a tasty stainless steel downpipe.

Removing the cat can be a problem as the engines run on a closed loop system. In my 220 Gti I got a sports cat which gives about the same gain as a decat and keeps the car MOT legal!
The R25 has two cats! A "pre-cat" is built into the downpipe,and there's another normal cat back toward the back box. That's why i want to put in the 200 downpipe.

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